Aerial 360º Views for Safer Marine Piloting & EMS – Harbors, Moorings & Ramps

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Online soon, this website is dedicated to safe boating. Safe-Harbors is a website that will feature clickable maps featuring links to Near Aerial (also called Close Aerial) Interactive VR and Panoramic Views of major coastal and Columbia River Boat Ramps (river and marine access points), Docks, and Moorings, for recreational boaters and sailors. These detailed aerial views make it safer and easier for recreational boaters to preview ramp access, moorings and possible navigation hazards when entering and leaving coastal and river facilities.Near Aerial video permits views of underwater obstructions and dangers not visible from the decks and most pilot houses.EMS responders will also find views of parking lots, entrances and possible impediments to access to ramps and docks a useful resource, and one that could save lives.This web site is privately funded and operated. Access is extended to all interested parties.

Scheduled to be officially online May, 2018